This and That: March 25, 2022

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Coming back to the page, especially one so public, after a long time away, means that there is trepidation when it comes to sharing my thoughts. So I’m going to develop a weekly exercise in sharing the “this and that” of life. Little things that I am reading, drinking, thinking about, or viewing online. This post is a look inside my brain, which, quite frankly, is a scary place. But I’m sure that’s true for us when we focus inward and remove the noise bombarding us daily.

Reading: The Process of looking at a series of written symbols and getting meaning from them. Black and white photo of woman in striped shirt holding a book on her lap.

— “remembered rapture: the writer at work” bell hooks

remembered rapture celebrates literacy, the joys of reading and writing, and the lasting power of the book from a wide-ranging intellectual scope from an independent-nonconforming-feminist-black-woman-writer from the South.

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Good News For People Who Love Bad News – Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse is one of those American Rock Bands that helped define the Pacific Indie Rock Scene. Their music compels me to tap my feet to the quirky, discordant, and unstable rock elements they are known for.

Help! I Sexted My Boss (podcast)

William Hanson and Jordan North are an unlikely pairing. One is a radio presenter, the other an etiquette expert. They help ordinary people manage the calamities of everyday life.


I work on the Internet for a living, and this means that I find the most random, intriguing STUFF — for lack of a better word. Instead of leaving it in my brain, I’m sharing it here so you will either say WOAH! that’s so cool; or allow it to turn into a festering pile of WTH?.

Behind the Curtain of the 1940’s Chinatown Nightclub that Shattered Asian Stereotypes – Messy Nessy Chic

The history behind the Langston Hughes poem used in the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing – NPR

Why community matters so much — and how to find yours – Vox

When will Hollywood discover Georgette Heyer? – Vox

Hi. My name is Lisa. I love Regency novels. Now keep calm and carry on.

—  Stress-Relieving Stretches for Caregivers – Yoga Journal

The stretches found in this article are great, but one thing I do have to say is that there is nothing informal about being a caregiver. It’s hard fucking work and often involves tasks that are unimaginable to the greater public. For example, people who have never had to create a place in their home that is always kept at a high level of cleanliness so they could, oh, say, drain a lung or an abdomen using a PleurX and dispose of the bodily fluids when finished.

That’s all for this week. I cannot promise there won’t be mini rants, but I can promise food for thought.

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