Lisa M. Frame against a hot pink background wearing a pale pink shirt.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lisa and I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the world. Most days, you will find me in my office writing or working on social media for clients like Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer.

And drinking coffee.

I live in a small town in North Carolina that looks like it jumped off the end of Norman Rockwell’s paintbrush. Most folks call it Belmont, but I call it home. I was born and raised in the Foothills of North Carolina. My Appalachian roots beckon to me almost daily.

When I am not thinking about writing or putting words on paper, breathing into a paper bag before putting words on paper, taking photos, or traveling, I am at home drinking coffee and reading.

I drink a lot of coffee.

I do not have a coffee problem.

My family and the fine folks at Nespresso disagree.

I have a list of wants that I would like to believe will make me a better writer:

  • A Fiat 500
  • Two Corgis to ride in said Fiat 500
  • Benedict Cumberbatch and Dave Grohl — starring in the role of BFF
  • A Net Jets account with unlimited usage
  • A flat in London walking distance to Berkeley Square
  • More bookshelves
  • George Vanderbilt’s library

I want to teleport to these bookshops anytime I please:

  • Hatchard’s Piccadilly, London
  • John Sandoe Books, London
  • Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe Asheville, North Carolina
  • Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy
  • John K. King Used And Rare Books, Detroit, Michigan
  • BookPeople, Austin, Texas
  • Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, Holland
  • Strand, New York City
  • Livraria Lello & Irmao, Porto, Portugal
  • The Bookworm, Beijing, China
  • El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Books & Books, Coral Gables, Florida
  • Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France
  • Politics & Prose, Washington D.C (We won’t discuss the hours I spend here when visiting family and friends in Washington, DC. If a credit card could have heart palpitations before a trip, mine would.)
  • Bart’s Books, Ojai, California
  • Corso Como, Milan, Italy
  • Barter Books, Alnwick, UK
  • Prairie Lights, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Boulder Books, Denver, Colorado
  • Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon
  • The Ripped Bodice, Los Angeles, California

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