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The leaves are starting to fall and there is a crispness in the air. Autumn is slowly arriving and bringing with it NaNoWriMo. On October 5, all of the number counts, message boards, etc., over at NaNoWriMo will reset and thousands will line up in an … [Read more]

Pinteresting News

I have Pinteresting news. Wait, what? Pinteresting? Let me explain. I've been trying to leave the world of social media for work for quite some time and just focus on writing. Not a bad thing, especially since I have the support of my family. But, … [Read more]

Complacency: The Writer

“The moment a writer knows how to achieve a certain effect, the method must be abandoned. Effects repeated become false, mannered. The writer’s style is his doppelgänger, an apparition that the writer must never trust to do his work for him.” ~ … [Read more]

Why am I writing here?

Why am I writing here? That's a good question and one posed to me by my husband. I have a "writer's blog" I've had on wordpress dot com for close to a decade, and several other blogs I publish on as well. Why here? Do you want an honest … [Read more]

Writing, not typing.

Tuesday I was writing, not typing. I sat in a coffee shop in Charleston, South Carolina and wrote longhand until my I cramped so badly I was forced to stop. What I have is 10 rough pages of a new chapter in my book. When Jack Kerouac wrote "On the … [Read more]

Desire and writing

I'm sitting here, knowing I have a perfectly good blog to write on located in a different dimension. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of desire to write there. I'm not sure it's who I am any more. Let's call this part of some existential crisis I am … [Read more]

Faulkner: Don’t Worry About Style

I think the story compels its own style to a great extent, that the writer don’t need to bother too much about style. If he’s bothering about style, then he’s going to write precious emptiness–not necessarily nonsense…it’ll be quite beautiful and … [Read more]